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Cliff Knechtle

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New Canaan, Connecticut 06840

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Cliff Knechtle

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Cliffe Knechtle loves to converse with skeptics and truth-seekers to discuss the reasonableness of Christianity at universities around the U.S, such as Harvard, MIT, UCLA, and Stanford. For over 30 years he has gone to various college campuses to engage in discussions regarding theological and philosophical issues. Stemming out of this history of intereaction is his web site

Born in New York City, Cliff began working with Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship and various churches around the country upon his graduation from seminary in 1979.

He is happily married to his best friend, Sharon, and they have three children. Cliffe is the senior pastor of Grace Community Church, New Canaan, Connecticut.


Give Me an Answer (That Satifies My Heart and My Mind): Answers to Your Toughest Questions About Christianity

Help Me Believe: Direct Answers to Real Questions


Davidson College

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (1979)

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