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Clint Field

Chapter Director | University of Kentucky

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Clint is the Chapter Director for the University of Kentucky chapter of Ratio Christi.  He is a volunteer apologist for Reasons to Believe, a science and faith ministry based out of California, and is currently pursuing a Masters of Apologetics from Luther Rice Seminary.  Clint is a University of Kentucky graduate and enjoys engaging and challenging young minds on campus.  He currently lives in the Lexington, KY area with his wife and two daughters.


Clint grew up in a Christian home and has always maintained a belief in God.  However, his college years and early post graduation years saw a drift in what could be considered orthodoxy.  He earned a black belt in martial arts, studied Qigong meditation and avidly read books on Taoism.  While he never devoted himself completely to these philosophies, they had an impact on his spiritual life and slowly replaced Christian views he once held.

Fortunately, Clint was brought back to his senses while reading a book he randomly picked up one night – Mere Christianity.  C.S. Lewis basically made the argument that morality required a moral law giver.  This simple, yet obvious conclusion, acted as a catalyst that spurred Clint to read more books relating to apologetic arguments for the existence and nature of God.  Authors and scholars like Ravi Zacharias and William Lane Craig bolstered his confidence in the reliability of the Bible and the case for the resurrection of Jesus.


Luther Rice Seminary, Masters of Apologetics (Pursuing)

University of Kentucky, B.S. Economics

Biola, Apologetics Certification

Reasons to Believe, Volunteer Apologist