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Corey Miller

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West Lafayette, Indiana 47906

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Corey Miller


  • Needs Work
  • Read with Discernment (May contain information contrary to historic Christianity)
  • Opposing Viewpoint

Speaking Topics Include (click the arrows to see a detailed view)

  • MORMONISM (6 parts)

    (sections represent up to one hour)

    #1 Introduction: The Mormon Facade (Corey effectively dresses and plays the role of a live Mormon Missionary and transitions midway by revealing his true identity and personal testimony)

    #2 Essential Mormonism I: The History & Basic Authority in Mormonism

    #3 Essential Mormonism II: The Mormon Doctrine(s) of God

    #4 Essential Mormonism III: The Mormon Doctrine(s) of Salvation

    #5 Tactics and Resources for Witnessing to Mormons

    #6 Q & A


    #1 God’s Existence I: The Origin and Existence of the Universe

    #2 God’s Existence II: The Intelligent Design of the Universe

    #3 God’s Existence III: The Moral Fabric of the Universe

    #4 God’s Existence IV: The Meaning & Purpose of Life in the Universe

    #5 Historical Reliability of the Bible I: Assessing the Biblical Documents Themselves

    #6 Historical Reliability of the Bible II: Confirmation from Archaeology & Extra-Biblical History

    #7 Historical Reasons in Support of the Divine Origin of the Bible: Messianic Prophecy

    #8 Historical Resurrection of Christ: The Clinching Fact for the Truth of Christianity

    #9 Major Objections to Christianity I: Problem of Evil, Pain and Suffering (including biblical evil)

    #10 Major Objections to Christianity II: Problem of Religious Hypocrisy

    #11 Major Objections to Christianity III: Problem of Christ’s Exclusivity & Religious Pluralism

    # 12 You Choose the Topic: Stump the Professor


    #1 Living Our Lives in Light of Eternity

    #2 Authentic Christianity: Faith That Works

    #3 Loving God with Your Mind: Jesus & Philosophy

    #4 Who Am I?  Why does it Matter?

    #5 Why American Christianity Must Change or Die

    #6 How to Be a Christian and Look Like One Too

    #7 Living by Faith

    #8 Why the Church Must Care about the University: The Greatest Omission of the Great Commission

    #9 The Golden Rule: Jesus v. Other Religious Versions

    #10 The Good Life: What s It and How Can Knowing it Set You Free?

    #11 Why the Church Needs Apologetics and Why Apologetics Needs the Church

    #12 How We Lost the Universities and How to Reclaim the Voice of Christ


Speaks throughout the United States to churches, organizations, conferences, universities, and donors. Available any day of the week with advanced scheduling.


Travel costs only. Honorarium accepted.


As the President of Ratio Christi Dr. Miller is available to speak to a wide variety of audiences on philosophy, theology, apologetics, and what Ratio Christi is, why it is needed, and how to get involved. Contact him through the Contact button on this page to request him.