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Daniel Currier

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Peoria, Illinois 61625

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Daniel Currier

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I am first and foremost a follower of Christ. The view that he presented is how I feel the world really is.

Having a background in both biology and technology gives me a unique perspective in the design seen in nature and in human inventions. The fields of technology and design show that the origins of design, information and aesthetics only come from mindful beings. That seems to be the best explanation for the cause of the design in the biological world as well. In addition to this, I'm an amateur thinker, philosopher, writer and artist.

My goal is to pass along knowledge so others can grow in understanding, wisdom and virtue. I hope that what I offer will help encourage others to grow closer to Christ, make a clear and powerful case for Christianity, and present the Gospel of Jesus of Nazareth.


Being a raised in a Christian home, I never really doubted the authenticity of Christianity and the Gospel. However, being one who questions and is a skeptic of sorts, I have always been interested in the evidence for Christianity, especially from science and philosophy. My passion now is to help give reasons for the Creator.


Western Kentucky University – MS in Biology, 2013
Illinois State University – BS in Technology, 2007