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David Heycock

Chapter Director | University of the Sunshine Coast

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I came back to the Christian faith quite late in life having pursued just about every imaginable other path in the pursuit of personal transformation, meaning and purpose. This included the pursuit of wealth, endless study, other religions and endless experiences. I accumulated wealth then rejected it. Became a Hindu for 17 years and found it ultimately meaningless and empty. Traveled the world seeking the ancient places and the new but found nothing of lasting value. Pursued excitement and sexuality but ended up with nothing but dissipation and despair. Studied philosophy, politics, physics, cosmology and many other ‘ologies’ but found that knowledge did not equate to meaning. Played polo with millionaires, traveled on the Concorde, lived in 5 star hotels and traveled first class or on private jets but none of this provided me with the personal validation of ego that I thought I needed.
Ultimately, I came back to the Christian faith arrogant and all-knowing only to find that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ starts with the shattering of all of those false illusions and egotistical pretensions that I thought constituted what I thought I knew. Reading the Bible was painful especially the book of Ecclesiastes which revealed the fact that my vain struggles had been tried by Solomon so long ago multiplied by a factor of hundreds and that he had found it “Meaningless, meaningless, meaningless. A chasing after the wind”. This was not good news to me. I felt stupid and pitiful and felt I’d lived a wasted life. In the end, the conviction of sin delivered by the Holy Spirit and the utter meaningless of all my vain endeavors brought me to such a low point I thought I was beyond hope and beyond grace.
It was at this moment that God chose to reveal Himself supernaturally to me before many witnesses in such a way that His presence and truth were incontrovertible and undeniable. In that moment, I felt the loving arms of my father God embracing me with such loving acceptance that I finally realized my true identity. Embracing this reality has been a slow and painful journey back to myself as the person I truly am but I thank God  for His loving grace and patience and of course my Lord Jesus for His sacrifice which paid for my foolishness and sin and paved the way.
As of now my silly, vain life would have no meaning at all unless I stand as a witness to others not to follow the same folly. This is so particularly true of the young that I’ve made it my mission to reach out to them through Ratio Christi and with the support of my church. May God bless our collective efforts.


I became a Christian because I am passionately interested in Truth. After a very long and arduous journey along every imaginable pathway Christianity was left as the only ideology with the explanatory power to make sense of life, reality and experience. As I came to know Jesus again he chose to reveal himself to me in such a way as to allay all and any remaining doubts I had to His existence and presence in my life – a gift for which I am humbly and eternally grateful for.

Nothing makes sense of mans’ existence like Christianity and coming to that realisation has led to a such a deep and wonderful transformation of my self and my life that I stand amazed and in awe of it’s power and love. I thank God that He never abandoned me no matter how much I turned from Him and to every other form of idolatory throughout a long and foolish life.


Certificate in Apologetics – Biola University

Diploma in SMSF

Advanced Diploma Financial Planning

Certificate in Advertising and Copywriting

High School Certificate – England