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David Ochabski

Assistant Chapter Director

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Community Apologist

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Full Member

International Society of Christian Apologetics


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Lynchburg, Virginia 24502

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David Ochabski

Assistant Chapter Director

  • Needs Work
  • Read with Discernment (May contain information contrary to historic Christianity)
  • Opposing Viewpoint


David has a Bachelors in General Ministries, a Masters in Apologetics, and is currently a PhD in Theology and Apologetics student. David currently lives in Lynchburg, VA and works as a Community Apologist for Ratio Christi. David and his wife Britnee are both California natives and San Francisco lovers.


After failing to find purpose in life, David starting searching out different spiritualist views. Even though they seemed to be "phenomenal enigmas," all of these ended up being unsubstantiated and self-serving. He asked God, "If you are real, please reveal some meaningful answers to me." And God did. First, by answering his emotional questions through sermons. Then by answering intellectual questions through apologetics. After David saw how Christianity was intellectually feasible, he decided to entrust his life to Jesus Christ.


  • PhD Student in Theology & Apologetics (Liberty University) -
  • Masters in Apologetics (Luther Rice College & Seminary, 2017) - 
  • Bachelors in General Ministries (West Coast Bible College & Seminary, 2015) -
  • Member of the International Society of Christian Apologetics (ISCA) -