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David Richardson

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David Richardson

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"You need to know that while I may be above average in the intellectual department, I am just a regular guy. My dad was a truck driver. I lived in a single wide trailer house. I’m from a little farm town in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. I worked in mundane jobs until I finished college. I have picked strawberries, bucked hay bales, caught chickens, power washed moss off of roofs, washed dishes, washed and fueled airplanes, and I was even a disc jockey at a small market radio station. I’m nobody special. I have just been given a gift and an opportunity to use it.

"That gift has given me the ability to work with some of the brightest people in the world – university professors. I have been in ministry for over 30 years. Most of my work has been with professors from all over the world. I know the university and how it works because I know the people who are the university. I also happen to have a couple of postgraduate degrees, including one from the University of Oxford that helps me as I consult with professors. My work with professors eventually led me to found the Assumptions Institute to expand the influence of my pioneering discovery of the power of assumptions.

"While I can carry on a conversation with most anyone with a Ph.D., I have a unique talent for “translating” the complex, powerful ideas of the academy into everyday language for everyday people. I am not trying to be a scholar so much as I am trying to help regular people understand the ideas that scholars and pseudo-scholars purvey and what difference it makes in everyday life.

"I have been married for more than 30 years.  My wife’s devotion, strength, and love keeps my feet on the ground. We have three daughters and a son in their teens and twenties. We live outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

"When I have free time, I enjoy games, reading, walking my dog, Frisbee golf, and conversations with friends. I have been a member of Dogwood Church in Tyrone, Georgia for over 25 years."

  • Author of the ground-breaking book, Transparent: How to See Through the Powerful Assumptions That Control You


"On March 8, 1981, I told God I did not want to keep living as I was. At the time I was a college sophomore. I was one of the top cadets in my university Air Force ROTC program. I had secured a pilot training slot that assured I would become an Air Force pilot when I graduated. I was on my own and accomplishing my dreams. But something was wrong.

"On the inside, my life was empty. I knew there should be more; dissatisfaction gnawed at me. The more I tried partying and the other activities available to me in college, the more hollow I felt on the inside. I was depressed and struggling.

"But one day an ROTC friend invited me to his church. It was there that I heard how God could forgive my sin and fill my empty life.  I gave up trying to fix my life, and instead asked God to forgive me of my sin thanks to Jesus death on a cross for me.  He forgave me and empowered me to live more like Him.  He also gave me a new purpose for my life - an adventure that continues to this day!"


  • University of Portland: Bachelor of Arts, Interdisciplinary - (1984)
  • International School of Theology: Master of Arts, Theological Studies (Theology and Apologetics) -  (1994)
  • University of Oxford: Master of Theology, Applied Theology - (2002)
  • Member of the Evangelical Theological Society
  • Ordained by the Evangelical Church Alliance