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Dennis Helder

Chapter Director

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Dennis Helder

Chapter Director

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Dennis Helder is the chapter director of the Ratio Christi chapter at South Dakota State University as well as Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering and Associate Dean for Research in the JJ Lohr College of Engineering.  He is a graduate of the Cross Examined Instructor's Academy and enjoys teaching apologetics to students and adults from the campus to the church in groups of any size.  Any engagement from a 20 minute youth group presentation to a 12 week series on the basics of apologetics can be accommodated.


Dennis grew up in a Christian home and remembers attending church from a very early age.  However, he clearly remembers accepting Jesus as his savior while in high school.  He credits his wife, Susan, with helping him to grow deeper in his faith and passing it along to their five children.  Although he always has had an interest in the creation/evolution debate, his zest for evangelism and apologetics was ignited in spring 2012 when an atheist speaker came to campus and he found himself unprepared to rebut the arguments that were presented.  Since that tme he has continuously immersed himself in apologetic studies to ensure he is always prepared to give a reason for what he believes and to help others deepen their faith in Jesus Christ as savior.  


Cross Examined Instructors Academy, graduate, 2013

North Dakota State University, Ph.D., 1991

South Dakota State University, BS Animal Science, BS Electrical Engingeering, MS Electrical Engineering, 1980, 1981, 1985