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Devin & Melissa Pellew

Chapter Directors

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Devin & Melissa Pellew

Chapter Directors

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Devin & Melissa Pellew are Ratio Christi’s Chapter Directors at Winthrop University and York Technical College, where they are equipping college students to defend the Christian Faith as well as engaging unbelieving and skeptical students. They also serves as Community Apologists with Ratio Christi. Devin, a native of Weber, Utah, first became interested in Christian Apologetics and Theology as a young man after his family came out of the Mormon Church and embraced biblical Christianity. He is currently studying Apologetics at Southern Evangelical Seminary and is a part of the T.E.A.M speaking group there.

Devin is a certified apologetics instructor with CrossExamined Ministry. He has been teaching in churches, youth and college groups and at various ministry events on apologetics and theology for the last fourteen years and has spoken at the National Conference on Christian Apologetics. He also teaches a weekly apologetics and theology class at Kershaw Correctional Institute as a part of the Prison to Society faith-based program.

Devin and Melissa co-host a weekly internet radio broadcast, Theology Matters with the Pellews, where they discuss issues related to Christian apologetics, theology and biblical worldview. Devin has served as a Pastoral Intern and as a small group leader for both youth and adults. Melissa regularly leads women theology, discipleship and apologetics groups and Devin is an ordained Southern Baptist minister. Devin and Melissa are involved in pro-life activism and have spoken in various venues on pro-life issues and topics. They have been married for fourteen years and have one young daughter, Eliana Grace.