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Dighton Head

Chapter Director

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Dighton is a supported missionary with Ratio Christi. Your prayerful support would be appreciated.

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Dighton Head

Chapter Director

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Dighton was raised in a rural community in central New York, accepting Christ at the age of 14. He attended Cornell University, and, upon returning with a B.S. in Dairy Science and new wife, Nancy, proceeded to operate the family dairy business and raise their 4 children. A career change combined a MPS in Adult Education from Cornell and teaching Certification from LeMoyne College with a move to Virginia to accept a position teaching high school science for Henrico County Public Schools. He gladly shared his biblical worldview when asked by students, but was prevented from presenting this during instruction time. He continued his passionate pursuit of the expression of God through the dual revelation of His written word and the book of nature.

Choosing early retirement to proceed with unfettered freedom the presentation this worldview, he assumed many part-time responsibilities, such as tutor, substitute teacher, handyman and gardner. A recent move to Lynchburg for family reasons was used by the Holy Spirit to provide the connection to the Liberty Chapter of Ratio Christi, where he now serves as Chapter Director.


I accepted Christ at the age of 14 and was challenged in my Christian growth when I was faced with the extreme Naturalism promoted at Cornell University. I then embarked upon what has amounted to a lifetime of seeking congruence between science and scripture in formulating my own biblical worldview.Committed to serving Christ in the local church, I was variously deacon, Sunday School Teacher/Apologist, and choir member, while also endeavoring to be a Godly example for our children.

I have been influenced by contemporary apologists who came to faith through in-depth examination of the truth of God's word. A partial list includes: C.S. Lewis, Josh McDowell, Lee Strobel and Hugh Ross.

I am eager to serve the Ratio Christi group, because it is in the center of the fundamentally important position of discipling young defenders of the Christian worldview in a lost  and broken world.


  • LeMoyne College, High School Science (Chemistry/Earth Science/General Science) Certification 
  • Cornell University, MPS Adult Education/ Ed. Admin. 
  • Cornell University, BS Dairy Science
  • Southern Evangelical Seminary, Conference on Apologetics attendee 2010, 2012, 2013