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Dighton Head

Chapter Director | Liberty University

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Dighton began his pursuit of apologetics as a young Christian, when he was bombarded with naturalism at Cornell University. Following graduation, he married his loving wife Nancy, enjoyed family life (they were blessed with four wonderful children), providing their livelihood in agriculture. Career change placed him in the Chemistry classroom, where he vowed to use this new platform to share truths about God’s creation. As his twentieth year in teaching approached, God used a traumatic event to point out Dighton’s failure in this regard, having opted, albeit, perhaps, unconsciously, to conform to the norms of the secular academic environment.

Through introspection and Spirit-led prayer God convicted Dighton to leave a successful (by worldly standards) teaching career and enter the role as Chapter Director at Ratio Christi Liberty, where the amazing joy of serving Christ is beyond compare!