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Donald McLaughlin

Regional Representative and Development

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Granger, Indiana 46530

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Donald McLaughlin

Regional Representative and Development

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I received my BA degree in Speech and Drama from Taylor University, an MA in Clinical Audiology from Ball State University.  I left the field of audiology in 1980 and spent 20 years in the investment business as a retail investment broker with Merrill Lynch for 10 years, and A.G.Edwards&Sons for 10 years.  In 1999 I joined Prison Fellowship Ministries in the role of Regional Director of Advancement.  I participated in the first Centurions Class offered at PFM's Wilberforce Forum, a one year, intensive study course in Biblical Worldview that was taught by Chuck Colson, and several other well known Christian Apologists.  After PFM, I did development for Teen Mania Ministries based in Tyler, TX, and Taylor University before joining the staff of the Discovery Institute in 2013.  I have long been an advocate for intelligent design as a scientific alternative to materialistic evolution and have read and studied extensively on these issues.  I also write articles for "Evolution, News and Views" which is the main web source for the DI, as well as Uncommon Descent, another popular pro ID forum.  I have also been a part time pastor in the United Methodist church and have taught apologetics to both adults and senior high youth at my church.  I have been married to my wife, Beth, for 36 years and have 2 grown daughters and a grandchild on the way!

As a small child I lived in upstate New York, having been adopted at the age of 1.  While I was an only child, I had "dozens of cousins" and spent a lot of time with them and they were like brothers and sisters to me.  While we were a Christian family, my parents separated when I was about 6 and were later divorced.  My Mom and I moved to South Florida where my Aunt lived, and I lived there until heading to Taylor University to start college.  We attended a Christian and Missionary Alliance Church in Miami and I was very active in the church youth group.

In high school, I got interested in theater and was in several of the plays, which led me to major in Drama at Taylor.  As a student at Taylor, I really began to grow in my faith, thanks to the guidance of some of the profs there, as well some of my close friends, who were all committed Christians.  In my Senior year, I met the woman who would, 3 1/2 years later, become my wife and we've been very happily married for the past 36 years. 

God blessed us with two wonderful daughters, Kaitlin and Holly, who are also both Christians.  Holly is married and she and her husband are expecting our first grandchild in November.  Kaitlin, my eldest, will be getting married in May of 2015.  We are actively involved with our church, a United Methodist church, and I have been involved as one of the high school ministry leaders for the past 10 years or so.  I currently teach the Sunday morning small group of high school juniors and seniors.

Over the years, I have done extensive study and reading in Christian apologetics, which included the Centurions program I mentioned above.  I have engaged frequently on the internet in apologetic discussions and have debated and discussed Christianity and apologetics with atheists and non-believers often on the internet.  I frequently contribute articles to Uncommon Descent, a website that promotes Intelligent Design as well as Evolution, News and Views, with the Discovery Institute, where I know work full time as their major gifts development officer. 

In my spare time, I enjoy reading apologetics, as well as writing and arranging music in my little home studio.


All my life we've attended Church.  As a small child, I spent many days visiting my grandparents on their farm in upstate New York.  My grandmother was a devout Christian and she taught me all the Bible stories as far back as I can remember.  She had me memorize passages of scripture and would reward me with her wonderful home made molasses cookies!  But in spite of all the training, and going to church, it wasn't until the summer after I graduated high school and just before I went to Taylor that I fully committed my life to Christ at summer camp in Lake Swan Florida.   Since that time, I have tried each day to live for Christ…and even though I've had my failures, I know that Christ has always been with me.  My study in apologetics has strengthen my faith in ways I never thought possible earlier on.  My favorite passage of Scripture is Romans 12:1&2 as I believe in those 2 verses Paul captures the essence of the importance to think Christianly about all things, which I try to do every day.


Bell State University, MA in Clinical Audiology, 1977

Taylor University, BA in Speech and Drama, 1975