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Eric Chabot

Evangelist & Missionary

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Chapter Director

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Eric is a missionary with CJF Ministries. Please consider joining his support team.

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Columbus, Ohio 43209

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Eric Chabot

Chapter Director

  • Needs Work
  • Read with Discernment (May contain information contrary to historic Christianity)
  • Opposing Viewpoint

Speaking Topics Include (click the arrows to see a detailed view)

  • Why Jesus is the Messiah: A Look at Messianic Prophecy

    Sermon (PowerPoint optional) or 6-week class
    Why was Jesus different from other people claiming to be Messiah in the first century? We will look at some key Messianic texts in the Old Testament and see why Jesus is the only one who can be the Jewish Messiah.

  • The Resurrection of the Jewish Messiah

    Sermon (PowerPoint optional) or 6-week class
    What does Judaism teach about the resurrection? How did belief in the resurrection fit in with early Messianic belief about resurrection? We will see how and why the resurrection was part of the disciple’s belief that Jesus was the Messiah. What does it mean to live out the resurrected life?

  • God and the University: Why We Need Apologetics on the College Campuses

    Three out of four Christian teens walk away from the church after they leave home. Why is this happening? What can be done about it? I will share some testimonies of my evangelism and outreach efforts on the Ohio State campus, which is now the largest campus in the United States. We will discuss some ways that parents and pastors can equip themselves to handle this problem.

  • The Existence of God: How do we Approach the Existence of God?

  • Acts 17: Learning from Paul: How To Do Apologetics

    Sermon (PowerPoint optional)
    A model for present-day missionary work. We will look at Paul’s model of outreach in Acts chapter 17 and see if we can make some applications on how to do outreach in today’s culture.

  • Can We Trust the New Testament?

  • The Messiah in the Passover

    God’s plan of redemption through the blood of the Passover Lamb unfolds in the celebration of the Jewish Passover. (Time varies depending on 1 of 3 options below) This message is available in three formats:

    1. Presentation (with communion - 60 minutes; without communion - 45  minutes
    2. Seder Plate Service (75 minutes) the audience is seated at tables and partakes of the Passover elements while the presentation is given.
    3. Full Seder Dinner (2-2.5 hours) a full meal is served at tables in addition to the Passover elements being taken.
  • ROMANS 9 –11: The Heart of Paul for the Jewish People

    Why should the church want to share the gospel with Jewish people? A personal testimony will be share as part of the message. This is designed to motivate all people to share the message of Messiah to the Jew first but also the Gentile.

  • Jewish Roots of Christianity

    Sermon or 6-week class
    What can the Church learn from its Jewish roots? We will look at some of the important areas of the Jewish roots of Christianity and how this can lead to a more authentic, Biblical lifestyle.

  • Rabbi/Student Relationship in the First Century

    Sermon or Power Point
    How did Jesus understand discipleship? What was the Rabbi/student relationship in Jewish culture in the first century? We will look at the model Jesus left to His disciples and how we can apply these truths today.

  • Apologetics and Outreach

    Sermon (PowerPoint optional) or Afternoon Seminar:
    Approximately ninety-five percent of all professing Christians have never attempted to share their faith. Out of the 5% that do, only 2% do so on a regular basis. Jesus said in John 14:15 "if you love me, you will keep my commandments." The Great Commission in Mark 16:15 tells us to "go into the world to preach the gospel to every creature." This message will help equip us to be motivated to share the Gospel as well as strengthen confidence in our own faith.

  • Is Jesus the Only Way of Salvation?

    Sermon or PowerPoint
    Pluralism is the belief that every religion is true. Each provides a genuine encounter with the Ultimate, and while others may be better than others, all are adequate. How can Biblical Christians make an exclusive truth claim that Jesus is the only way of salvation for mankind?

  • The Jewish Background of the Disciples Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13)

    In this message, we will look at the Jewish background of the prayer that Jesus taught his followers and how we can make some applications into our own lives.


I am available to speak through CJF Ministries. While I generally speak in the state of Ohio, I am available to speak outside of Ohio.  I generally speak on Sundays but can speak during the week as along as it is planned out with enough notice.


 If I am speaking in Columbus and there is no free will offering, I ask for at an honorarium of $250.00. If it is outside of Columbus,Ohio or outside the state, I do ask for a higher honorarium (which can be discussed), and that my travel expenses are paid for.


I am open to speak to academic audiences, churches, study groups, and any public arena. I am open to debates but I am very picky about the types of debates and who I debate. For example, I don't debate college students. At our chapter, I prefer to have students debate students.