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Frank de la Cruz

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Frank de la Cruz

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Frank de la Cruz is an award-winning interactive media creator and consultant with a passion for Christian apologetics who is dedicated to documenting and exposing the truth about Islam in an unbiased and scholarly manner.  In that tradition,  Mr. de la Cruz founded Intermedia Education Project (IEP), Inc., for the purpose of creating documentary videos, mobile learning (mLearning) interactive materials, and other resources which present the facts about Islam as revealed from within Islam itself, in order to meet the challenge of educating an American public best described by Ravi Zacharias as one which “learns with its eyes and thinks with its feelings” about the very real and present dangers posed to every aspect of our society by Islamic ideology.

Additionally, as the infiltration of Islamic ideology has extended its encroachment into various denominations within the Christian church, the need for educating the Body of Christ about Islam has become all the more evident to Mr. de la Cruz.

In response to this need (and in addition to Intermedia Education Project’s website,, Mr. de la Cruz conducts speaking engagements and immersive seminars with the purpose of enabling and equipping clergy and layman alike, who have a desire to proclaim and defend the historic Christian message, as well as to engage Muslims with the transforming love of Jesus Christ.  “Sadly,” Mr. de la Cruz states, “many of our churches in America are openly embracing and promoting a syncretistic contextualization of the Bible and heretical views of Jesus Christ through politically and ‘ecumenically-correct’ initiatives such as A Common Word, the Insiders Movement, the Camel Method, Interfaith dialogue, Jesus in the Qur’an, and others.”


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