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Gene Calderon

Chapter Director | Purdue University, Calumet

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Gene has been passionate about Biblical studies, apologetics, and Jewish history & culture for several years and loves the opportunity to share this passion, along with the ability to offer access to Ratio Christi as a resource for others ready to grow.

Gene was originally brought up with a Catholic background, then, in his early 20’s began attending a Protestant church where he was baptized in 09/2001.  Soon aftewards, Gene discovered apologetics and studied fervently.  A few years later, he also took the time to study Jewish history & culture of biblical times.

In 2004, Gene joined his senior pastor in a church plant in the city of East Chicago.  There, he was given the opportunity to teach classes, offer monthly seminars, lead small groups, preach on Sunday mornings occasionally, participate in outreaches, attend public events with the intent to openly witness, and even lead worship when needed.

In 2012 Gene attended Cross-examined Instructors Academy (CIA) hosted by Dr. Frank Turek (http://crossexamined.org/dr-frank-turek/), to receive further training in giving presentations and defending the faith against skeptical and atheistic viewpoints.  While at CIA, he gave presentations to Greg Koukl (http://www.str.org/training/speakers/greg-koukl), Ted Wright (http://crossexamined.org/ted-w-wright-m-a/) and J.T. Bridges (http://ses.edu/academics/faculty/j.t.-bridges), who all gave positive and encouraging reviews, both verbally and in writing.

We pray you would consider Gene for the next opportunity that may become available to speak or offer a presentation to your congregation or group (see “Speaking Topics” for a list of possible presentations).  We look forward to serve and be a blessing to you.


  • Indiana University Northwest
  • CrossExamined Instructors Academy graduate