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After becoming a Christian at age 25, Glenn immediately became interested in the differences between the various denominations and religious groups. He became a longtime student of discernment, essential theology, cults, apologetics, and philosophy, Glenn believes the Biblical mandate to love God with all your mind, and teaches that the church’s greatest needs are verse-by-verse Bible study plus apologetics. He was a Ratio Christi Chapter Director at Texas A&M for four years, then became Regional Director for Texas. By applying his skills as a professional trainer, facilitator, and communicator, Glenn has taught in churches, businesses, and college groups, has moderated debates, and helped develop teams. In his career, he has been a professional trainer, writer,  facilitator, and project manager. As a nature lover, he loves to hide in the woods near his home in Texas. He married his high school sweetheart, and she surprisingly has not left him after over 30 years. He once convinced himself he could act, so he joined a Christian drama group for nine years, and has been known to do very effective dramatic monologues. He has also mangled a few woodworking projects, and has a hobby of planting fruit trees and watching them die.


I did not grow up in a Christian home. When I was a child, my parents sent me to church because it is a good idea to go to church, right? But I saw no religion at home at all. When I was about 10, I did not want to go and my parents did not make me. One semester in college, every day I would walk past this vehicle with a bumper sticker that said “God said it, I believe it, that settles it.” I would wonder……how can you have a conversation with someone like that? So I had the idea that Christians were perfect people who checked their brains at the door. I would occasionally go to church, but not much. In all those years, I do not remember anyone giving an explanation of the gospel. If there were, it did not register.

When was 25, my sister invited me to church……nagged me, actually. When I went, I found a very different pastor. His sermons were at a college level……people had notebooks and were taking notes during the message. The pastor was doing a series on Hebrews, and showed a diagram of the temple, giving an explanation of the temple sacrifices, the separation from God, the blood atonement, and the covering of the violation of the law. I learned that Jesus was the true sacrificial lamb, and I could be in fellowship with God through faith in Him. The pastor invited us to pray right there in our seat, and I did.

Everything changed. I went home and threw out all the things at home that I should not have had…..no one told me to, I just knew I needed to. I also turned on Christian radio, and would listen to many hours a day of Bible teaching. Two men on the radio had profound influence on me: J. Vernon McGee taught me the value of verse-by-verse Bible teaching, and Walter Martin taught me the value of primary research and apologetics. My life was changed.

Jude 3, 1 Peter 3:15; Jude 17-18, John 14:6.


• MAA, Southern Evangalical Seminary,  Apologetics, emphasis in Philosophy, 2010
• M.Ed., University of Houston, Curriculum & Instruction, 1990
• Graduate Certificate, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, Instructional Systems Design), 1987
• BA, Stephen F. Austin State University, Communication and Marketing, 1980
• PMP Certification, Project Management Institute, current