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Grant Willey

Chapter Director | University of Alabama, Huntsville

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Grant WIlley is the chapter director for Ratio Christi of UAH in Huntsville, Alabama, and has been involved since its inception in 2009 in a supportive role; at different times teaching, creating flyers, hosting discussions and organizing events. He holds a B.S. in Management Information Systems from Athens State University and works as a database administrator.

A native of Cocoa, Florida until he moved to Huntsville, Alabama at 15, Grant was exposed to worldview seminars and apologetic material while still in high school and attended Summit Ministries’ 2 week camp in Tennessee twice (2006, 2007) where he met Patrick Collins who lived in Huntsville as well. Another mutual friend at Summit had introduced both of them to Ratio Christi, and in 2010 Patrick approached Grant to see if he’d be interested in helping start a local chapter at UAH with Patrick as chapter director. Especially after the intensive training and engaging discussion at Summit, Grant was looking for a place to continue that kind of discussion that seemed sorely lacking in the churches and bible studies he’d been a part of, and spread awareness of apologetics in his own city. He continued to work as a co-director under Patrick and then under director Billie Goodson while working full time in the information technology industry and also playing in the worship team at his church, finished his Bachelors degree and married his wife Julie in 2016 and took on the role of chapter director in 2018.


I was raised in a Christian home with Christian extended family. I was baptized in a Baptist church when I was 7 and I knew I understood that I wanted to be a Christian but I was still figuring out what that meant. For example I remember not long after that I was given a tract by someone at a state fair and said the sinner’s prayer in the back seat of the car on my way home, then happily told my parents that I was a Christian now. I think I saw it on some level as an incantation and my parents were good enough to explain where I was amiss, but it took a long time for me to properly make my faith my own. I had a long period of testing different elements of faith in high school and trying to figure it out (all the while believing the Bible was trustworthy), and I was given plenty of material and was exposed to worldview training during this time as well. The clincher came when I was first in college and a speaker at Campus Crusade explained how grace works and that we don’t have to ask specific forgiveness for every single sin but should be aware when there’s tension in our relationship with Christ as a person. That I understood and that’s what made it click. I had many opportunities to share my faith and had done some street evangelism even before then, but I think that was when I was able to say “I know that I am saved because I have the relationship he’s talking about”. I’ve had times in my private life since then when I tried to silence the voice inside or ignore the tension that’s there pretending everything’s ok but God didn’t abandon me and brought me around, and I saw how God “works all things for the good of those who love Him”, even my own follies. In the midst of that I was able to have a number of great conversations with people through Ratio Christi, both fellow Christians and those of other faiths and worldviews, that have helped me grow in my own faith as well as understand their point of view better. Ratio Christi has also introduced me to many great resources to continue my learning, partly through studying a topic to present to students.


  • Athens State University, B.S. in Business Administration in Management of Technology, graduated 2016
  • Calhoun Community College, A.S. Computer Information Systems, graduated 2009
  • Ratio Christi, Legatus Christi certificate, 2014
  • BIOLA, Certificate in Apologetics, ongoing (Dec 2018 projected completion)