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Ibrahim Inuwa

Audio Production Consultant

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Charlotte, North Carolina

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Ibrahim Inuwa

Audio Production Consultant

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Ibrahim Inuwa is an itinerate minister and speaker whose passion is to equip believers to remain steadfast in the faith, and to reach non-believers, through the use of Apologetics and Evangelism.

Ibrahim volunteers with Ratio Christi as a Community Apologist and Audio Production Consultant.

He is thrilled that Ratio Christi exists today because, during the 1990’s, as a Freshmen student at a secular college, Ibrahim encountered an atheist professor who seemed intent on persuading students to abandon their belief in God by the end of the course. Moreover, in recent years, this has become commonplace.

It was this very trend that inspired Ibrahim, to get involved with the movement of “Defending Truth and Christianity at the University” by equipping students with good reasons for believing in Christ.


Prior to his conversion, at the age of twelve, Ibrahim wondered why he existed. He believed his life lacked purpose. That is, until one afternoon while peering into the sky, he asked: “God, why did you create me?” On the very next day Ibrahim heard the gospel clearly communicated in a sermon based upon John 3:16; at which point his life was eternally changed!

From that experience, Ibrahim’s purpose became clear to him, i.e., God created Ibrahim out of love, and his purpose was to reach others for Christ! For over two decades, Ibrahim has been pursuing this end.


Ibrahim Inuwa earned a B.A. in Communication with minor studies in Bible & Theology at Wheaton College. He is currently pursuing an MA in Apologetics at Southern Evangelical Seminary.