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J. Thomas Bridges

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Charlotte, North Carolina

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J. Thomas Bridges

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  • Read with Discernment (May contain information contrary to historic Christianity)
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Dr. Bridges’ doctoral dissertation titled “An Analysis of the Neo-Darwinism/Intelligent Design Debate Based on an Eclectic Philosophy of Science Grounded in Thomistic Realism” was read by a committee that included SES professor of philosophy, Richard G. Howe; ID scholar and mathematician, William A. Dembski; University of Oxford professor and mathematician, John C. Lennox; and Discovery Institute Senior Fellow and philosopher, Jay W. Richards.

He believes that the primary role that philosophy plays in apologetics is most obvious in the university setting.  While training future apologists and philosophers is rewarding, he has always seen his ministry to the Church in terms of protecting the minds of college students who are open to attack from a hostile academy. Training in the history of ideas is crucial to being well-prepared for this battle.

His current academic interests include:
Philosophy of Science
Intelligent Design/neo-Darwinism
The Philosophical Theology of Thomas Aquinas
The Problem of Evil
The Metaphysics of the Disembodied Soul/Christian Philosophy of Mind


I grew up in a home that was nominally Christian but not genuine. I thought I was a Christian, but there was nothing in my life of the supernatural. During my  first year of college I reached an existential crisis the lead me to give up my life to Christ.


  • Iowa State University, B.S., (2000)
  • Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, M.Div w/ Biblical Languages, (2002)
  • Baylor University, MA Philosophy (2005) 
  • Southern Evangelical Seminary, Ph.D Philosophy of Religion, (2012)