Ratio Christi Staff

James Pannafino

Regional Director

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Regional Director and itinerant apologist for Ratio Christi (Campus Apologetics Alliance) at Syracuse University, and the NYS Regional Director for Ratio Christi. He recently launched the Big Life Questions ministry, answering the most significant questions regarding God, life, and eternity of this generation. He is also in partnership with the Mars Hill Network (MHN) as their staff apologist. He has served in various pastoral and parachurch ministries, including both inner city missions and suburban pastorates.


James grew up in a small town, middle class American home in Fulton, New York. His primary interest as a youth involved sports, occupying much of his life focus during his youth. He later attended the State University College in Cortland, NY, graduating in 1978 with a Sociology/Psychology degree.

Like so many young people in today’s world, James spent his college years (and beyond) in a search for meaning and purpose as a ‘free thinker’, but without finding much satisfaction. After his undergrad schooling he was employed in urban social work for the next four years, still searching for that ‘missing piece’ in his life… though he admits he really didn’t know exactly what he was looking for?

In April of 1982 James had become keenly aware, as he investigated many religious and philosophical views (primarily of Eastern mysticism and New Age thought), that somehow he had never really considered the Bible or Christianity. So, at the age of 26, he went out and purchased a Bible, and began to read it for himself for the very first time. Within a few weeks he came to a moment of what he calls ‘unequivocal clarity’, finally discovering what he had searched so longed for! In the quietness of his study James surrendered his life to Jesus Christ, understanding for the first time the authentic gospel, that Jesus had died on the cross of Calvary for his rebelliousness and sin. Since that day, his life transformation has continued as he seeks to be the person he was created to be, while giving honor and praise to his Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.

James met his wife, Suzanne, at a small Bible study they had both attended in the Syracuse inner city. They dated for a few months, gradually developing a friendship and on May 14, 1983 they were married (even celebrating their 30th anniversary in May 2013). In 1987 James returned to his formal schooling and went on to graduate (Magna Cum Laude) from Liberty Baptist Seminary in Virginia (concentrating in apologetics/world religions). Since 1990 he has served in various pastoral and para-church ministries, including both inner city missions and suburban pastorates. James and Suzanne have two ‘semi-adult’ children, both attending college at this time.

James states that his life goal is “to impact the next generation of ‘thinkers’ for the wondrous cause of the gospel.” He enthusiastically welcome others to join in this most exciting journey!