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Jason B. Ladd

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Palmer, Alaska

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Jason B. Ladd

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Jason B. Ladd is an author, Marine, and an Iraq War veteran. He received a B.A. in Peace, War, and Defense from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2001). He has over 14 years of service and is a former F-16 “Viper” Instructor Pilot. He deployed once to Iraq during operation Iraqi Freedom and has participated in exercises throughout the Pacific while stationed overseas.

Jason entered adulthood with a mostly-secular worldview. At age 26, already a husband and father, he realized the danger in maintaining an apathetic view on spiritual things. His investigation of Christianity soon exploded into a desire for God and a love for apologetics.

Jason currently works as an F-22 "Raptor" simulator Instructor Pilot. He blogs about leadership, parenthood, and worldview development and, he and his wife, Karry, are the parents of seven children. His book One of the Few: A Marine Fighter Pilot’s Reconnaissance of the Christian Worldview has been optioned for film.


Unsatisfied with his secular worldview, Ladd's search for truth and acceptance of Christianity occurred in spite of the New Atheists' assault on Christian beliefs. This allows him to reach people with and without a recognized worldview while describing his transformation from a faithless adult into a Marine, fighter pilot, and Christian.

Ladd continues to establish a cultural apologetic that embraces Biblical manhood, respects authority, rejects debauchery, cherishes women, cares for children, and honors the sacred.

He is also a husband and father of five who realizes the importance of raising children to understand spiritual truths about the world. His military experience, passion for apologetics, and burden to help others find and strengthen their faith have all been preparing him for his most important mission: sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


UNC-Chapel Hill, BA in Peace, War, and Defense, 2001
Marine Corps Command and Staff College, Credits toward Master of Military Studies, 2014