Ratio Christi Staff

Jerry Dupre

Chapter Director

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Raised in South Louisiana as a Roman Catholic, I never really lived a virtuous religious life. It wasn’t until 1996 at the age of 33 that I surrendered my life over to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and had a “born-again” experience. I became a new person in Christ and acknowledged Him as God of all creation. I was very zealous for Him, entered school and eventually received a doctorate from a small Bible College. From early on as a Christian I took an interest in “apologetics.” Defending the Christian faith as the truth is now at the heart of what I do.

I began ministry a year after becoming a Christian.  The New Orleans Mission for homeless was where it all started. Shortly thereafter, I began ministering to those incarcerated in the Louisiana State Prison system with Prison Fellowship Ministries and then my own ministry. This I did for a number of years. Thereafter, the call to the pastorate came and I was obedient in a formal setting for 10 years. Stepping out of the pulpit at the Lord’s beckoning, I began more of an evangelistic itinerant ministry.

As the world increases in it’s hostility towards those who express faith in a transcendent God, I felt led to begin to speak more openly in various settings as a social and cultural critic, endeavoring to provide valid, credible answers in defense of the Christian faith.