Ratio Christi Staff

Joe Taylor

National Blog Manager

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Joe Taylor joined the Ratio Christi Communications Team in 2016 as an Associate Editor. His work involved taking exceptionally well written material and helping it become uber-exceptional. Joe loves the challenge of creating a bridge between author and reader. Or as he describes it, creating consistent conceptual clarity.

“I suppose I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to all things printed,” posits Joe. “Ya, I’m the one who notices when a menu misspells an entree or the worship slide at church puts two spaces in between words. I just can’t turn off that nitpicking gene.”

While continuing in this role as an associate editor, Joe is also the National Blog Manager. He and others work with writers to select, produce, refine, and publish original blog material.

“Many people have compelling ideas that ought to be penned for others to read,” says Joe. “Becoming a blog author may feel intimidating at first, but we have excellent blog editors and advisors who make the process rewarding.”

Joe’s research interests include the philosophies, the nature of science, general theology, and espresso.

M.S., Science Education (Iowa State University)
B.S., Biology (Iowa State University)