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Joe Whitchurch

Vice President of Campus Operations

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Lafayette, Indiana 47905
(765) 532-4882

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Joe Whitchurch

Vice President of Campus Operations

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Joe Whitchurch is Vice President of Campus Operations for Ratio Christi. He has been engaged in college ministry in the U.S. and overseas for the past 37 years. He loves to share the gospel, teach students to study the Word of God, and to challenge them to consider the significance of their worldview. He enjoys interacting with students about difficult questions. He has developed friendships with International students from a variety of religious backgrounds and convictions. They entered warm and candid discussions about the truthfulness of the Christian truth claims, the existence of God, and the greatest news - Jesus Christ.

Joe is a teacher who understands worldview issues and uses a wide variety of teaching methods to engage people with the truthfulness of the gospel and their need to commit their lives to Christ. Joe and his wife Kim live in Indiana.


In high school, I was involved in a rock band, which led me into the drug culture. Several friends shared about the lordship of Christ and the destructive nature of my lifestyle and worldview. One friend shared Matthew 16:26, “What will it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his soul?” This question became the catalyst for an awareness of my own sin. In my freshman year of college, I went to several churches. I went forward several times during altar calls. I thought that if I said the right words, something magical would happen to change me. It didn’t seem to be working. Then a man shared Jesus’ words from John 6: 37 “All that the Father gives me will come to me and all who come to me, I will never cast out.” The man then asked me if I thought Jesus was a liar. I said, “No!” This combination of thoughtful engagement and the awareness that the risen Lord would keep and hold on to me was the point of my salvation. I realized that it wasn’t about my saying the right words but about Jesus’ character and saving work. Immediately after this revelation of the Lordship of Christ, I saw a transformation in my lifestyle. Old habits vanished completely and others faded away. Because I became a Christian during my college years, I was aware of the need to reach out to other students. In my subsequent studies, interests, and witness I have become more keenly focused on the making Christ famously known in the 'marketplace of ideas', the college and university campuses.


Trinity Evangelical Divinity School: Deerfield, IL (1999)
(Master of Arts in Christian Thought: Systematic Theology and Philosophy of Religion)

Trinity College: Deerfield, IL (1976)
(Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies)