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Joe Whitchurch

Vice President of Campus Operations

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Lafayette, Indiana 47905
(765) 532-4882

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Joe Whitchurch

Vice President of Campus Operations

  • Needs Work
  • Read with Discernment (May contain information contrary to historic Christianity)
  • Opposing Viewpoint

Speaking Topics Include (click the arrows to see a detailed view)

  • Character, Truth, and the 2nd Coming Really Matter!

    An exegetical overview of 2nd Peter with application for apologetics and evangelism.

  • Interactive Worldview Presentation: Conversational Apologetics

  • Moral Notions/Preferences or Morality, How so?

  • Justice, Social Justice; power & “Truth”-to-power. How so?

  • The New Atheism? I Just Don’t Have Enough of that Faith

  • Rationalism Giving God a ‘Leg Up’: Epic Fails v Greatest News

  • What’s Great about the Hardest Questions? Even the Unspokens?

  • Da Vinci, Islam, Textual Skeptics, and Scripture

    Why Scripture not only survives but thrives over Bart Ehrman, etc.

  • Making it Stick: Prophecy Past & Future as Power-Evidence

  • Kingdoms & Worldviews in Horrific Combat

    And how Love may actually have won and will WIN but not like you’d expect!

  • The True, the Good, the Beautiful

    A Cumulative Case for the Existence of the Judeo-Christian Creator and Messiah.

  • Peter, Paul, and JESUS; In Conversational Apologetics

  • The Problem of Pain (and of the good, beautiful, and true).

    How what YOU know shouldn’t have been allowed, and YOU know should not continue, affirm the Christian worldview.

  • Question Authority and Who Says So?

    A cumulative case for why one can trust the Bible (and why we perhaps trust other authorities far too much!)

  • Sexual Brokeness; Humpty Dumpty & Hocus Pocus

    Plus an astounding unusual authority.

  • Are all Martyrs Religious Extremists; Yes? No? How so?

  • Why Believe Anything at all about JESUS?

    And how choosing obfuscation leads to absurdity and not-so-pop nihilism.

  • Beginning with the End in View?

    Eschatology and worldview, how the popular avoidance of a sane approach to the ‘last things’ fouls us and robs us of vivid high-definition clarity.

  • Ending up with the Beginnings in View?

    How marginalizing origins wreaks havoc, and understanding brings shalom.


Contact me with date proposals, or let's chat via phone or email.


Transportation, food and lodging, free will offering or $100 per message (negotiable for Ratio Christi chapters).


If a border state with IN, I am willing to get a rental car. If farther, then air travel.
I prefer to stay in a hotel with air conditioning.