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Chapter Director | Marshall University

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Hello! My name is John Mays and I am from a small town in southern West Virginia. I’m the Regional Director for the states of West Virginia & Pennsylvania, and the Chapter Director and Community Apologist for Ratio Christi at Marshall University and throughout southern WV Kentucky and Ohio!! Welcome to my little part of the world!

I am an only child that ended up with two step sisters and three step brothers. I have been married for seven years to my beautiful wife Sherri. And we have four children between us. Three girls and baby boy Zander. They range in age from 28 to 5! I am older than my mother n law and Z is an uncle…just something for you to ponder!

After high school I joined the greatest Air Force in the world, the United States Air Force. I was an air traffic controller for six years and volunteered to be a recruiter for the next six. Since then I have covered a lot of ground. I have been a financial advisor, school teacher, a car salesman and now I work for God as a full time missionary. I spend my days writing, reading, talking to people, raising support, and defending the Truth of Christianity. I possibly have the best “job” in the world! I had no intention of ever being where I am today, but as you can read in my testimony, it is here that I am supposed to be!

I hope you enjoy our website, ratiochristi.org/Marshall. Here, I write three days a week about the church, apologetics, and Christianity.


I was raised in a small rural town in southern West Virginia.  Though I attended church as a child, I spent my adult life agnostic.  To me, Christianity was a crutch for the weak.  It was a place for older adults to spend time and hope when they died to go to heaven.  There were very few people that I knew, or really cared to know, that attended church.  It wasn’t the popular thing to do and frankly I simply did not see the point.  Besides, if as I was told, God knew everything, including the time I was to die, then why did it really matter either way? In my flawed logic of the time, if He indeed knew, then He also knew whether or not I was going to heaven.  So I lived the American Dream; the search for the best job, with the most money, a wife, kids, and, of course, being happy.

That all changed when the Holy Spirit moved in my heart.  It was strange really.  I had thought of God many times in my life, yet didn’t really see the point.  Yet, the change that took place inside of me was, and still is, beyond words.  To this day, some ten years later, I have the fire of a new believer.  I want to reach the world as directed in Matthew 28, to love God with all of my heart soul and mind, Matthew 22, and most of all, possibly due to my past, to be able to give an answer for the hope I have, 1 Peter 3.

God has taken an arrogant, know it all, agnostic and transformed a life many thought could never be saved.  I have evangelized in southern West Virginia; organized and established a motorcycle ministry in which I was President for three years, completed a BS in Religion, two MA’s in Evangelism and Church Planting and Apologetics. I also completed a MDiv from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.  I have lead small groups, taught classes, made presentations and raised support as a missionary with an international organization.  I have made friends, lost friends, built relationships and shared the Truth.  I am a servant of my risen Lord and Savior.  I am a follower and not a fan.  I am a disciple…a work in progress, learning and sharing.  A sinner saved by grace.


Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, MDiv Evangelism and Church Planting

Biola University, MA in Christian Apologetics

Biola University, Certificate of Apologetics, 2014

Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, MA Evangelism and Church Planting, 2009

Liberty University, BS Religion, 2008

Community College of the Air Force, AAS Airway Science, 1999