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John Sanford

Chapter Director | Geneseo State University of New York

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I am excited to join with other defenders of the faith and am eager to see how the Lord will use Ratio Christi. I have been actively involved in Christian apologetics since the year 2000. Around that time I took early retirement from Cornell University where I had been a research professor for 20 years. Since then I have largely remained a full-time researcher, but have been working as an unpaid Courtesy Associate Professor at Cornell.  This has allowed me to switch my research from applied genetics to theoretical genetics.  In this new area of research my work has significantly advanced understanding regarding the limits of natural selection, and the origin of biological information. My work has resulted in the book Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome and numerous scientific publications. Much of my research has been done working with a network of collaborating scientists who are believers (see logosresearchassociates.org). The published results of these collaborations provide findings which are remarkably consistent with the Biblical worldview. This new information is now providing significant encouragement for those people who are willing to believe. Increasingly, John is spending time sharing these findings in public formats.

My wife, Helen, and I are very excited to see what is unfolding on the SUNY campus at Geneseo. We see that students are tired of having to retreat from the faith due to the constant anti-biblical onslaught. With just a little encouragement, students are eagerly joining together to encourage each other (and others), in order to stand fast in their faith. They are organizing events which present powerful evidences and arguments – providing a rational defense of the Christian faith.  We sense a growing sense of excitement.


I was saved by the grace of Jesus in 1989. At that time I joined my wife, Helen, and entered into the waters of baptism.  Ever since that time the Lord has been reshaping our minds, our hearts, and our marriage. It is now our joy to host in our home a small group for young adults. We have become intensely aware that the next generation is under spiritual attack – perhaps like no other generation.  In particular the next generation is being subjected to pervasive anti-Christian and anti-Biblical indoctrination. This is most acutely seen within the college environment. We feel called to help the younger generation hear the other side – i.e., a rational defense of the Christian faith.


  • Minnesota-St. Paul BS 1976 Horticulture
  • Wisconsin-Madison MS 1978 Plant Breeding/Plant Genetics
  • Wisconsin-Madison Ph.D. 1980 Plant Breeding/Plant Genetics