Ratio Christi Staff

Josh Runyan

Chapter Director | University of California, San Diego

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Josh Runyan graduated from Cal State Los Angeles with a BA in history. During this time he was an avid fencer as part of his university’s fencing team where he also met his future wife. After college he spent four years active duty in the Marine Corps followed by three years in the Navy where he flew the F-14 Tomcat. He has continued flying to the present as a pilot with a major airline. Several years ago he returned to fencing and now assists his wife coaching the fencing team at UC San Diego. They are the parents of two grown sons. Beginning with reading C.S. Lewis in high school, Josh maintained a great interest in the rational defense of the Christian faith. This interest led to completing Biola University’s master program in Christian Apologetics in 2010. With Ratio Christi, he hopes to encourage college students that Christian theism provides the best answers to life’s most fundamental questions.