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Joshua Alexander

Chapter Director | American Public University System

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Joshua grew up in the Eastern Panhandle region of West Virginia as the son of Methodist pastors. In college at Johns Hopkins he found apologetics necessary in order to survive the academic environment that was hostile to his faith, and he used the work of William Lane Craig quite frequently. In grad school Joshua studied Science and Religion and hung out with the apologists on campus at Biola University. He now teaches math at Shepherd University, classes on theology and apologetics at his church, and is the Chapter Director for the Shepherd University chapter of Ratio Christi.


Joshua grew up in a Christian family and accepted Christ at age 7, but for several years he didn’t fully understand what that meant, or how it was supposed to impact his living. He felt guilty when I did the wrong thing, and didn’t feel like my faith was my own. He also had no spiritual fruit. One spring when he was 15, his Sunday School teacher, challenged him to pray every day for a week and to start reading and studying scripture. He found that he was actually interacting with someone when he prayed, and he came to realize that he needed to make his faith his own, rather than just what he’d learned from his parents. Joshua thinks the decision to rededicate his life to Christ was almost subconscious. The guilt he’d been experiencing as a fan and not a follower of Jesus went away. God started working on his attitudes and bad habits, and has continued to be present and active in Joshua’s life ever since.


Biola University, MA in Science & Religion, 2007

Johns Hopkins University, BS in Physics and Mathematics, 2005