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Joshua Pelletier

Chapter Director | Charleston Southern University

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Joshua was raised in Milford, New Hampshire.  At the age of 19, in 2005, Joshua joined the Marine Corps until he was honorably discharged in 2013.  While in the Marine Corps, he had the opportunity to serve in domestic and foreign lands such as Okinawa and Afghanistan. His highest rank achieved was a Sergeant.

After his time in the Marines, Joshua studied at Charleston Southern University and graduated with a bachelor of business administration.  During this time, he was inducted into two honor societies: Psi Chi and Sigma Beta Delta.  He also graduated with latin honors: Cum Laude.

Joshua married Genevieve and they currently have two children.  Today, Joshua likes to spend time with his family, studying, and serving the LORD in ministry.  He is currently pursuing a masters in apologetics with the goal of achieving a doctorate in the future.


Joshua grew up in a Christian home his entire life.  He went to church every Sunday and was even involved in plays and programs at the church.  When he turned the age of 15, he began to think that church and Christianity was pretty lame.  By the time Joshua joined the Marine Corps in 2005, he had left Christianity and decided to live the Marine Corps lifestyle: drink, party, and be like everyone else around him.  With the new lifestyle in full swing, there was no reason for Joshua to believe in God when he had close brothers to his left and right doing the same thing as him.  But, he was wrong and paid the consequences for his rebellion against the LORD.

When Joshua was honorable discharged from the Marines, he had decided to go to a Christian college, Charleston Southern University.  He gave his life back to Christ while studying the mandatory Old Testament survey course.  Having an academic setting while learning about the Bible was facinating to him.  The intellectual enviroment was something that helped him understand the importance of Christianity.  The following semester, he studied the mandatory New Testament course and started asking questions (i.e., “how is the big bang and six-day creationism possible?”).  Joshua was then introduced to a book called “On Guard”, by Dr. William Lane Craig.  Through this book, he became in love with apologetics, because of its intellectual reasoning.  Joshua noticed the importance of apologetics and prayed to the LORD that he would dedicate his career to ministry and asked Him to open the door for an apologetics-related ministry.  Joshua’s prayers were answered.

Today, Joshua regularly leads and directs apologetic discussions to high school and college students.  He also serves in churches where he teaches apologetics.


• Houston Baptist University, pursuing a Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics: Current

• Member of Theta Alpha Kappa Honor Society

• Charleston Southern University, Bachelor of Business Administration: 2014-2017

• Latin Honors: Cum Laude

• Member of Psi Chi Honor Society

• Member of Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society