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Kavin Kramer

Chapter Director | University of Lynchburg

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My name is Kavin and I met my wife Caitlin while attenting Liberty University. We have a beautiful girl born in 2015 and handsome boy born in 2018. We reside in Lynchburg, Virginia where I am an IT developer and apologist.

I enjoy biking, running, swimming, soccer, and basketball. I compete in sprint triathlon competitions and am working my way up to olympic distance. I can also be found playing bass guitar with friends and taking road trips whenever possible.


When I was three years old I asked Jesus to save me based on a simple understanding that He loved me. I had the joy of the Lord and we spoke to each other through prayer but I was missing the part about why I needed saving. Into my teen years I came into a better understanding of God’s love for me and how he made my salvation possible through Jesus shed blood as payment for my sins.

I made the decision to rededicate my life to Christ, by grace through faith, while attending Cornerstone Festival in 2003. A punk band by the name of Our Corpse Destroyed, or as they usually abbreviated it “OCD”, had just finished playing. The guitarist who was a hefty guy with a huge neon green Mohawk, a bunch of piercings, and many tattoos pulled out his Bible and began talking about what it means to be a Christ follower and how important it is to have close Christian brothers and sisters.

That was the summer after starting high school and it began the visible change that all my friends know from me today. I began seeking out opportunities speaking anywhere I could because there was a fire inside like Jeremiah describes in Jeremiah 20:9.

In college I minored in Biblical Studies and then studied Apologetics in grad school. This was mostly because the more I learned the more I realized I don’t know as much as I should. But, I want to know so I keep studying. More importantly, I’m sharing this knowledge being able to encourage other believers and have vulnerable conversations with friends and acquaintances.

With each year I’m learning to love more like Christ. It is His love that gave me life. There is nothing more fulfilling or purposeful than knowing Him and making Him known.


  • Web Technology and Design B.S. Liberty University, 2009
  • Christian Apologetics M.A. Biola University, 2012
  • International Society of Christian Apologetics – Member, 2009
  • Conference on College Composition and Communication – Member, 2015