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Ken Klos

Chapter Director | Florida State University

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Ken grew up in Oklahoma in a Christian home and has been a Christian all his life.  He attended public schools and learned about biological evolution and believed in it until he was 52, i.e. 1995.  He attended Oklahoma State Univ. where he met his future wife, Susan Newell.  Upon graduation he and Susan joined the Peace Corps and spent 2 yrs in Ethiopia.  This absolutely unique experience that the newly weds enjoyed was exciting, broadening and life-changing because it gave them both a much broader view of the world and their roles in it.  He and Susan have been married over 48 yrs. now and hope to have many more together.  They have 3 adult children and 5 grandchildren, all of whom are continuing to grow in their Christian faith.

Ken’s career was spent primarily in environmental engineering, i.e. water and wastewater treatment.  It was late in his career that he began investigating “how God used evolution to create us.”  Upon discovering that evolutionists didn’t allow God any part in our existence, even the creation of the universe, Ken turned to his pastor for advice.  His pastor suggested he read Darwin On Trial, by Phillip Johnson.  That book started him on the road to where he is today: an apologist willing to go wherever God sends him, and do whatever God tells him.  He KNOWS he is created, not evolved, God loves and has forgiven all his sins, past, present and future, and he is going to heaven.  He says “KNOWS” to emphasize that he doesn’t just hope those things are true; he is certain beyond all doubt of their truth.

After becoming a Reasons To Believe apologist he discovered Ratio Christi and their need for a Chapter Director at FL State; he jumped at this opportunity and continues to serve God in that capacity.


I was raised in a Christian family and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior at the age of 10.  I never lost my faith, but I did have a lot of doubts about the Bible.  While it had the “ring of truth” overall, it also had some things I just couldn’t believe.  I even came to consider myself as having been a “doubting Thomas” after my conversion to belief in an inerrant Bible.

My turning point came in the late ’80s when I took the Crown Ministry class on Christian finances and God led me to “take Him at His Word” in that class.  I decided to do what the Bible said.  If it said, “be honest”, I’d start being honest in everything (I had been lying about little things I could “get away with”), if it said, “get out of debt”, we’d get out of debt, etc.  Of course, it does say those things, and it made me start taking God and His Word more seriously.  Today, I know that I can’t “get away with” anything; God knows everything; and we are out of debt and have been for over 20 yrs.

Then in the mid-90s I decided that God must have used evolution as His way of creating us.  I went to the library and got some books on evolution to see if I could find any evidence for this concept.  What I found was that the evolutionists reject God’s involvement in any aspect of our existence, even in the formation of the universe!  My reaction was immediate and clear: “I know better than that.”  So I went to my pastor and told him of my search.  He winced at the idea that I believed in evolution and recommended I read Phillip Johnson’s book titled Darwin On Trial.  In that book Johnson showed how evolution uses faulty logic, primarily circular logic, and therefore arrives at faulty conclusions.  Next, I read Evolution: The Fossils Still Say, NO! by Duane Gish; and then Darwin’s Black Box by Michael Behe.  Those three books provided me with absolute certainty that you and I are created.  We are not evolved.

Since that time I’ve never stopped reading various apologetics books, as well as reading the Word regularly.  Since I wanted to spread the word about our creation, I became a Reasons To Believe Apologist, and about a year later learned that Ratio Christi needed an Apologist at Florida State Univ.  I immediately applied for that position, and expect to continue in that role until the Lord replaces me.


Oklahoma State University, BA in Chemistry, 1965

University of Florida, MS in Environmental Engineering, 1971

Reasons To Believe Apologist, self educated, 2010

Retired Professional Engineer, former license #37299

Committed member of All Saints Anglican Church, Tallahassee, FL

Active Kairos Prison Ministry volunteer