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Manager | Oxford Study Centre

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I earned a B.S. degree in Philosophy from Utah State University. (Well, some things just are what they are. Why a B.S. and not a B.A.? I lacked the relevant language courses required for a less humorous degree. Then again, what would be more appropriate for a philosophy degree than a B.S.?) I also hold a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry from New Geneva Theological Seminary and have done significant graduate work at Denver Seminary, studying with such scholars as Craig Blomberg, Richard Hess, Daniel Carrol, and Douglas Groothuis. I also have done postgraduate work in New Testament and Related Studies at Durham University, with a focus on Paul’s use of the Old Testament in the opening chapters of Romans and Paul’s broader theology.

Along with authoring a variety of materials on pseudo-Christian religions (e.g., Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses), Objectivism (the so-called philosophy of Ayn Rand), the environmental convictions of alternative worldviews, religious pluralism, Islam, and abortion, I researched and co-authored (with David A. Noebel and J.F. Baldwin) the book Clergy in the Classroom: The Religion of Secular Humanism (Summit Press). (It was quite a task wading for six months through the writings of the signatories of the first two Humanist Manifestoes. I’m sure glad that is over. The subsequent recovery therapy was fun, though.)

While Director of Summit’s Curriculum Department, I wrote and/or content-edited (in cooperation with highly dedicated and gifted team members) Summit’s video curriculum materials for junior high (Lightbearers’ Christian Worldview Curriculum) and high school (Understanding the Times Curriculum). While Director of Research I was involved with researching and lecturing and writing, as well as script-writing and interviews for Summit’s ever-increasing video library.

I have lectured on such topics as critical thinking, worldview analysis, pseudo-Christian religions, the New Age movement, Islam, moral relativism, the historicity of Jesus, and various social and intellectual aspects of culture. At the Oxford Study Centre we address these and other subjects such as the relationship of Old Testament law and New Testament ethics, justice and social justice, sexuality and sexual identity, European imperialism and the founding of America, the Bible and science, the canon of the New Testament, the New Testament use of the Old Testament, and much more.

My hobbies include playing drums at our church, walking through the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside, amateur photography, dabbling in script writing, reading handfuls of books at a time, and standing in gratitude for and awe of our children as they grow up, embrace Christ, and engage our world.

My family and I reside in a lovely village to the west of Oxford, England, and sometimes also in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


As a former fifth-generation Mormon, I have dedicated much of my Christian life to informing Christians about the beliefs and practices of pseudo-Christian religions (otherwise known as “cults”), as well as offering experienced advice on witnessing to members of such groups. And, yes, I do love and appreciate my Mormon relatives, friends, and acquaintances. While I love them all, I appreciate less than half of them half as well as they deserve.

Over the years I have come to believe that having a biblical Christian worldview is more than simply having good answers to hard questions, or simply being able to communicate one’s convictions to others. I’ve come to believe that having a biblical Christian worldview is nothing less than coming to share in God’s affections and aversions. It is coming to desire what God desires and to despise what he despises. And this, I believe, is something to be seen not only in our words but in our works, not only in our heads but in our hands. It is essentially incarnate, something embodied.


Durham University, postgraduate studies (2004-2008)

Denver Seminary, studies primarily in Old Testament, Philosophy of Religion, New Testament (1992-2003)

New Geneva Theological Seminary, Masters of Arts in Christian Ministry (2003)

Utah State University, B.S. in Philosophy (1990)