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Kevin Peters

Chapter Director | University of New Hampshire

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Kevin grew up in a strong Christian family. In college, he met Lori at a college ministry event. As soon as the Air Force would allow him, he married her at the Air Force Academy Protestant Cadet Chapel. Together, they moved to various Air Force bases and began building a family. This family grew to include six children. While raising children takes a large part of both their lives, Kevin has worked as a physicist and engineer for over eighteen years.

In recent times, Kevin has returned to school to study apologetics. Since he has a strong background in the sciences, he has been studying at Biola University in their science and religion program. He hopes to apply these studies by demonstrating the Christian faith to college students at the University of New Hampshire and within the local church.


Kevin was born into a strong Christian family, and his father served as a pastor and church planter. When Kevin was seven years old, he contracted the chicken pox. Since he was recovering, his dad took him to the church office. During this time in his father’s office, Kevin was looking for something to break the boredom. So, he listened in the conversations coming into the church office. After nearly getting caught, he began going through the desk drawers. In one of the drawers, he found a Billy Graham pamphlet. In this pamphlet, it discuss how sin seperated us from God. Jesus restores that relationship if we confess Him as Lord. Kevin prayed the sinner’s prayer at the end of the pamphlet, and he was baptized the next week.

When Kevin went away to college, he had to decide whether he wanted to follow God or go his own way. After emotionally wrestling with God during his freshman year, Kevin dedicated his life and service to God. Since that time, he has served as a lay leader in the church.

As a physicist, Kevin struggled with how to integrate the science that he studied with Christianity. Through this struggle, Kevin discovered some good apologetics resources. His faith was strengthened as he discovered that physics provides support for God’s existence. Through further studies, Kevin has become convinced that science and Christianity are converging on the same truth.


  • United States Air Force Academy, B.S. in Applied Physics, 1993
  • Air Force Institute of Technology, M.S. in Applied Physics, 1994
  • Biola University, M.A. in Science and Religion, Expected Graduation: May 2013