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Lonn Durfee

Chapter Director | Cypress College

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Lonn is the Chapter Director for Cypress College in Southern California. Lonn became a believer in Christ in high school when he heard the gospel for the first time through the outreach efforts of Christians in his neighborhood. His life was further transformed in college in Florida after he became involved in Campus Crusade for Christ. He was impressed, in particular, at a Norm Geisler debate to see that Christianity had answers that were consistent with science and philosophy. Years later, he attended a worldview seminar where he learned to appreciate how a secular worldview can blind people to the truth of the gospel and how the biblical worldview is necessary to support the truth of the gospel. Years later, through the influence of Living Waters Ministry, he learned to appreciate how the law reveals our condemnation and our need for the grace of God.

Through further formal and informal study in worldview, theology, apologetics, and philosophy, he has developed a specialty in reaching our culture with respect to its increasing secularization. He puts philosophy and apologetics to use in the areas of pre-evangelism, evangelism, evangelism training, and discipleship all while emphasizing the biblical worldview. Prior to joining Ratio Christi, Lonn engaged in campus ministry at the University of South Carolina, went on missions trips to Peru and Moldova, taught the biblical worldview and theology in a private Christian high school, and taught and ministered in various churches.


  • Biola University, Pursuing M.A. in Philosophy
  • Columbia International University, M.Div.
  • University of South Florida, B.S. Business Administration