Ratio Christi Staff

Mark McGee

Assistant Chapter Director | University of Alabama, Huntsville

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Mark’s life motto is – “Loved by God, Saved by Grace, Blessed Beyond Measure.” Mark was an atheist until he became a Christian in 1971 after researching the truth claims of Christianity. Mark became involved in apologetics soon after becoming a Christian. He studied Bible and Theology at Luther Rice College and Christian Apologetics through Biola University. He became involved with Ratio Christi in 2011 and has served as Alabama Regional Director and National Communications Director. Mark currently serves Ratio Christi as Communications Consultant and Assistant Chapter Director at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. He also served as VP of the Christian Apologetics Alliance, a Ratio Christi partner ministry, for several years. Mark has taught martial arts for 54 years and began teaching from a Christian perspective in 1972.


Mark grew up with Christian parents and made a profession of faith at the age of ten and was baptized, but stopped going to church at the age of 17. Mark’s involvement in martial arts introduced him to Buddhism as a young teen, which led him away from the influence of Christianity. An atheist professor influenced Mark during his freshman year at college and he became an atheist. Mark found his atheism challenged several years later during a radio interview with Dr. Henry Morris of the Institute for Creation Research. That began a five-month investigation into the truth claims of theism and Christianity. Dr. Edward Hindson, another Christian apologist, introduced Mark to biblical archaeology and helped answer his many questions about the credibility of biblical history and texts. Mark used his training as a journalist to put aside his atheist bias to honestly evaluate the evidence for Christianity. Evangelist Terry Lytle asked Mark if there was any ‘reason’ why he shouldn’t repent of his sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. After considering the question Mark said he couldn’t think of any ‘reason’ why he shouldn’t become a Christian (based on months of investigation) and asked God to forgive him and save him.


Biola University, Certificate in Christian Apologetics

Luther Rice College and Seminary, Bible and Theology

St. Petersburg College, Radio & Television

St. Petersburg School of Broadcasting, Radio & Television