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Mark Phillips

Assistant Chapter Director

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Mark Phillips

Assistant Chapter Director

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Mark is an educator and designer. He teaches ethics and graphic design at a local technical college, and currently has an international client base for his graphic
design work for publishers.

The parent of two teenagers, Mark resides in Proctorville, Ohio, where he leads an apologetics group for high school students at his church, teaches adult Sunday school, and leads regular Bible studies on matters such as apologetics, church history, and hermeneutics.


Mark grew up in Point Pleasant, WV, the son of a church treasurer and Sunday school teacher, accepting Christ as Savior at age 8. During his mid-twenties, an act of religious “abuse” from a denomination of which he was not a member turned his religious thought to anger due to his lack of acceptance. It took nine years to get past the situation, never angry at God, but to the religious practices of men.

When studying for his first graduate degree, he underwent two episodes of doubt, one of them very extreme. It was through intense study and deep reflection that he was able to pass through the doubt to discover the historical truths and deep intellectual history of Christianity. He loves to teach, especially on topics of what he calls, “Stuff You Never Hear in Church.”


Southern Evangelical Seminary, Pursuing D.Min. Apologetics

Luther Rice University & Seminary, MDiv Apologetics (2014)

Liberty Theological Seminary, M.A.R., Biblical Studies (2008)

The Ohio State University, B.S., Industrial Design (1985)