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Matt Geary

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I grew up in Atlanta Georgia and attended Lee University subsequent to graduating high school. While in college the Lord called me to a prayer walk circling a building much like the Israelites circled the walls of Jericho in Joshua six. I graduated college in May of 2012 however upon graduating I was confident that the lord had called me to continue the season of prayer he had called me to rather than leaving and starting a full time job somewhere. This ended up working out well due to various circumstances.

While I was attending Lee University I was single the entire four years but had saved up over $5,000 for an engagement ring for the day that I would propose to my future spouse. Subsequent to graduation I ended up working mostly part time at a nutrition store and used the saved up $5,000 as financial supplementation allowing me to complete roughly 1,600 miles of prayer walking (mostly in Cleveland TN) and was able to live largely in the forest outside of Knoxville TN at other times. Many of my living situations allowed me to detour distractions and focus on my life as a disciple of Christ and engage further preparation for ministry. I began traveling more and involving myself in various music engagements in August of 2013 and in November of 2013 I moved to Nashville Tn. On Feb 28 of 2014 I began writing a book that deals with sexual purity and the sanctity of marriage. The book is expected to be released next year and in July of 2014 I moved back to Atlanta Georgia.


The person of who I am today cannot be explained without the existence of God specifically revealed through the person and activity of Jesus Christ. Furthermore the specific processes of my life are a testimony that pain and suffering are not necessarily pointless and that Christ can in the most beautiful ways leave no bad thing without redemption in those that truly love God and are called according to his purpose. Most of these processes in my life happened prior to my adolescent years, in and subsequent to my college years. Most of my history of apologetics finds its genesis at a point when I was a sophomore in high school. I had a math teacher who was an atheist and I would often have informal debates with him in the class. Due to exposure to some of the literature he gave me in accord with having an absence of apologetics training at this stage in my Christian walk I became a closet agnostic for a couple of years but it was apologetics ministry that gave me a renewed and stronger faith.


Lee University, BA in Interdisciplinary Studies (Philosophy, Theology, Biblical Studies, Sociology)