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Kevin Smith

Chapter founder and director

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Salem, Virginia 24153

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Kevin Smith

Chapter founder and director

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I had the blessing of being raised in a Christian home, and early believed the Gospel. After a season of teen rebellion, the Lord restored me to faith and began to call me to ministry though I did not know the form this might take. In my junior year at Roanoke College I took a Philosophy course in which the professor really opened my eyes -- by both example and argument -- to the beauty of truth and the confluence of Christian faith and reason. Henceforth, "apologetics" (though I didn't yet know the term as such) would become a passion and a great instrument in ministry. After graduate school I simultaneously began teaching philosophy and pastoring a small local church. The latter I retired from in 2016. In 2017 I began pursuing leadership training in Ratio Christi, and laying the groundwork to return and serve here at my alma mater.


University of Wales. PhD research (Philosophical Theology), 2008-2010.

Liberty University. MA (Philosophy & Apologetics), 1995. 

Roanoke College. BBA (Business Administration; second major Religion & Philosophy), 1991. 

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