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Meg Scott Cain

Video Projects Producer

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Meg Scott Cain serves as a local apologist in middle Tennessee. She is a supported missionary and the Video Projects Producer for Ratio Christi, as well as a freelance writer.


The call to use her skill set in ministry crept up on Meg some time during her graduate studies. She found herself immersed in the secular world of film and unintentionally witnessing to non-believers on a day to day basis. Through the necessity of being able to explain the Scriptures to secular friends and classmates, she gravitated toward apologetics studies. Rather than pursuing major motion picture production in Hollywood, after graduation she focused her energies on being available to Christ-centered projects, and she relocated to Tennessee, seemingly on a whim. That turned out to be God’s hand directly placing her closer to a community of believers that would encourage her to pursue full-time missionary work.

Though the Holy Spirit had called her inwardly, Meg prayed and waited for an outward call, which finally came from Ratio Christi almost a year and a half later. It was worth the wait.


FSU College of Motion Picture Arts, MFA Film Production, 2015
FSU School of Theatre, BA Theatre, 2011
University of Cambridge, AICE, 2009