Ratio Christi Staff

Nathan Strachen

Chapter Director | University of Wisconsin, Madison

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Nathan Strachen is a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, pursuing a PhD in Electrical Engineering. On the side, Nathan is actively involved in the study of theology, and apologetics. He is Chapter Director for Ratio Christi at UW-Madison. Nathan also enjoys ministering to the homeless, and studying with Jehovah’s Witnesses. He has also taken a class on preaching, and loves to take every opportunity to preach God’s Word. Nathan lives in a Christian community house affiliated with YWAM, called PHOS house.
I would describe myself as a person who has a very strong passion for science, engineering, apologetics, and theology. When I am not doing engineering related things, I am usually studying apologetics or theology in some way. Currently, I am pursuing a PhD in Electrical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, working on electromagnetics and wireless communication. On the side, I am a Chapter Director for Ratio Christi. I also enjoy doing homeless ministry from time to time, and I am involved in a weekly Bible study with Jehovah’s Witnesses.
In the future, I hope to do engineering as a professor (or in industry) and to use that as a platform to aid ministry in apologetics. I hope to be able to travel to various universities and churches to speak on the truthfulness of the Bible and Christianity.


I grew up in a home where I was told the truthfulness of the Bible ever since I can remember. I entrusted my life to Christ at the young age of 6 years old. However, around the age of 13, I began to have serious doubts about whether Christianity was true, or that God even existed. This is what prompted my study of apologetics – and I have been doing it ever since. By God’s grace, he has always carried me through the difficult seasons of doubt. Through much prayer and study over the years, God has sustained my faith, and grown me. He is still growing me, and I am excited too see how he will use me to help others who have struggled in the same ways that I have.


– B.S. in Engineering, Electrical Concentration – LeTourneau University (2012-2016)

– PhD – Electrical Engineering (2016-Present)

– Preaching Lab/Class – Red Village Church (Spring-Fall 2017)