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Patrick Collins

Chapter Director-Emeritus

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Ft Worth, Texas

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Patrick Collins

Chapter Director-Emeritus

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Patrick Collins was the Founding Director of Ratio Christi UAHuntsville.  He graduated from UAH in 2007 with a BSBA in Information Systems. During his time on campus, he was very involved with the Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) ministry.

After graduating from UAH, Patrick earned his MA in Theology from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary (graduate school of Liberty U, Lynchburg, VA), graduating in 2010.  He then earned his Certificate in Christian Apologetics from Biola University in early 2011.  During this time he also train to be a worldview instructor with Worldview Weekend (the ministry of Brannon Howse) and The Truth Project (Focus on the Family).  As of fall 2012, he's led 7 groups through the Truth Project. 

After learning about Ratio Christi in late 2009, Patrick and fellow Cru student Grant Willey, decided to start a student-based apologetics club on campus. In February 2010, they held their first meeting on campus.  That May, they were officially recognized as a club on campus.

Patrick is married to Sarah Collins, and they have two children, Cami and Rhett.  Patrick is also involved at his local church and is actively pursuing bringing apologetics into local chuches.  Patrick is now living in Dallas, TX and working on additional graduate studies/degrees.  He remains engaged with our chapter and we appreciate his testimony and calling!!


I was raised in a home with Christian parents. We went to Baptist churches while I grew up.  In December 1994, I heard the Gospel and repented of my sins and trusted Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior.

While in high school, I had a strong desire to go to Bible College and go into ministry.  My parents guided me to get a secular degree, so being a geek, I went into Information Systems. While in college, God developed my love for Him and his Word.  He led me to be involved with Campus Crusade while I was a student.  He also introduced me to Biblical Worldview through Summit Ministries in 2006.  This is also where I met not only Randy Hardman (who would become a co-founder of Ratio Christi), but also the girl that would one day become my wife. 

After coming back from Summit, a passion grew within me to study Biblical Worldview.  After studying that for a couple of years, I got into apologetics.  Early in my Christian walk, God placed a passion for discipleship and evangelism in my heart.  The culmination of God leading me through these years has brought me to be able to do both - help Christians know why they believe what they believe and be more confident witnesses for Christ.

Immediately after graduation, I research seminaries and chose Liberty University with their distance learning program as my way to go deeper with the Bible.


BSBA Information Systems
University of Alabama in Huntsville, 2007

Cisco Certificate Network Associate
CCNA, 2009

MA Theological Studies
Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, 2010

Certificate in Christian Apologetics
Biola University, 2011