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Patrick Slaven

Director of Communications

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Concord, New Hampshire

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Patrick Slaven

Director of Communications

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Patrick is a recent addition to the Ratio Christi team in the role of Director of Communications. He brings more than ten years of experience as a bi-vocational pastor and marketing strategist and a passion for apologetics.

When he began working as a children's minister in 2004, Patrick began to realize the need for sound theology in youth curriculum. That drove him to attend Biola's Talbot School of Theology to obtain a strong theological foundation on which to build his ministry career. Patrick joined the Missionary Church denomination as a licensed and ordained pastor. He realized that the theological deficiencies of the church extended beyond youth ministry. Many small churches around the country could not afford seminary graduates and were being led by people with a poor grasp on theology. Patrick left the 10,000 member church he was serving at to work with a church of twenty-five people. To make ends meet he took a marketing position with a local company while he pastored on the weekend. He flourished in both roles, moving up the corporate ladder in California. 

Patrick's marketing background is varied, with experience building brands and communication strategies from the ground up for start-ups and multinational companies alike. While working in the California start-up world, Patrick and his wife, Hannah, realized that Patrick was in danger of losing himself into his job. He had come to a crossroads: continue in the start-up rat race or find a position that would let him continue to grow as a minister. He left the world of stock options and venture capital for Ratio Christi's apologetics movement and has loved every minute of the journey.

Patrick enjoys leading worship and playing music. He has led worship since 2001 and toured the country as part of Christian bands. Now Patrick is enjoying playing guitar with his wife, a drummer, and his brother, an accomplished musician. Patrick and Hannah recently moved to New Hampshire to escape the high-stress Los Angeles scene. They now enjoy peaceful seclusion in the woods while they renovate their New Hampshire home. 


Patrick was fortunate to grow up in a Christian home where he was surrounded by a strong Christian family, church, and school. While his family raised him as a Christian, it wasn't until junior high theology classes did the lessons that they had taught him finally begin to sink in and take root. He realized that the "sinner's prayer" wasn't magical, and that a committed Christian life was more than its simple words. It was then that he made a commitment to trust God fully and completely and to serve Him for the rest of his life. 


  • California Lutheran University, BS in Business Administration
  • Talbot School of Theology
  • Liberty University