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Phil Olsson

Assistant Chapter Director

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Peoria, Illinois

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Phil Olsson

Assistant Chapter Director

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Dr. Phil Olsson holds an MA in History and a PhD in Philosophy of Religion & Theology. Along with intellectual interests ranging from specialized topics in philosophy and theology to the humanities more generally, he has worked in a variety of fields, including transportation, construction, and health care. He previously served as an elder at Church of the King (Peoria, IL) and is currently working toward becoming a biblical counselor. A fan of the Austrian school of economics, he is the primary author of "Wait Till It's Free: The Plague of Socialized Medicine and the Only Known Cure" (2015). Since 2013, he has served as a board member for the Institute for Principle Studies (Modesto, CA), which in 2008 formed Logos Forensic Association (LFA), a speech and debate league for Christian schools. He is eager to see more schools join and more students to be equipped as thinkers and speakers for Christ.

In 2017, Phil joined the faculty of Providence Academy (Green Bay, WI), a classical Christian school, as a Bible & Humanities teacher and as the school's speech and debate coach.

Phil first got involved with Ratio Christi in 2016 when he became a co-director of the Bradley University chapter. He enjoys dialoging with students and equipping them to take every thought and enterprise captive for the preeminence of the resurrected Christ.


I was blessed to be raised by Christian parents and trusted our God and Savior when I was very young.

Since my late teens I have endeavored by God's grace to grow in maturity as a Christian.  Fundamental to our sanctification is a willingness to agree with the Lord (truth) and to orient all our thoughts and habits toward pleasing Him (ethics).  To that end, I have been greatly aided by many, especially writers in the Reformed tradition such as J. Gresham Machen and Cornelius Van Til.

More recently, I have grown in my understanding of God as Shepherd as I have served in the Church and pursued training as a biblical counselor.  Increasingly, it has become clear to me that individuals must be assessed and addressed not only as "worldview believers" but also as creatures who are oriented by certain core affections.  As a disciple of Christ, called to disciple others in the Rule of Christ, I should desire to build whole persons for the loving service of God and their neighbors.


PhD in Religion, Claremont Graduate University
MA in Religion, Claremont Graduate University
MA in History, California State University (East Bay)
BA in History, California State University East Bay)