Ratio Christi Staff

Dr. Rich Suplita

Assistant Chapter Director | University of Georgia

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Mary and I were married on July 29, 2017! We are practically still newly weds!

Mary graduated from NC State University and Appalachian State with degrees in speech language pathology.

Rich graduated from West Virginia University and the University of Georgia with degrees in communications and psychology (with a specialization in neuroscience).

We didn’t follow Jesus until our early 40’s and consequently reaped many of the rotten fruits of living at odds with God’s rule in our lives.

Rich was a militant atheist and even served as the faculty advisor for UGAtheist during his time teaching (as a “lecturer”) at UGA. God got a hold of his head in 2011 and his heart in 2014 through some painful trials.

After leaving UGA, Rich took up studies towards a master’s degree in Christian Apologetics at Luther Rice Seminary and University in Lithonia, Georgia. He completed the degree requirements in December 2018.

We currently serve the Lord as full time bondservants of Jesus Christ, ministering in the gospel as evangelists, apologists, teachers, and–most importantly–servants.

We are members of an excellent local church called Living Hope Church, and we raise ministry support and work under the auspices of a campus ministry called Tom Short Campus Ministries / Truth on Display based in Columbus, Ohio.

We have four children: Annabel (17), Lydia (14), Ben (14), and Lola (11).

Our local residence is in Normaltown, Athens and the tiny rental has been dubbed the “House of Hope” by our pastor, David Holt. We hold multiple meetings there each week, featuring extended times of prayer, discipleship Bible studies, and sometimes meals.

It’s not a place for “casual Christians” looking for the best form of Christian entertainment. Rather, it’s a training and equipping place for serious saints who want to know God and be intentional about making Him known at UGA, in Athens, and beyond! We would love for you to visit!



We learned the hard way that serving ourselves leads only to broken relationships, disappointment, and despair. We came to Christ utterly broken, slaves to sin, deserving of the unmitigated wrath of God. We came as desperate sinners, humbled by life and utterly broken.

God changed everything! He washed our sins away and forgot them forever. In His great mercy, God caused us to be born again unto a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. He filled us with His Holy Spirit and began bringing forth life and righteousness where there had been nothing but sin and death!

This is the gospel of Jesus Christ. And if it hasn’t yet happened to you, know that it can! Turn from sin and trust fully in the completed work of Jesus Christ on the Cross for hopeless wretches like you and me!

If He saved us, He can save anyone!

Soli Deo gloria!