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Richard J. Ligthart

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Lemont, Illinois 60439

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Richard J. Ligthart

  • Needs Work
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  • Opposing Viewpoint


Specialist in sexual abstinence skill building and post sexual experience restoration.  Specialist on abortion related to both physical and chemical abortifacients and post abortive healing (women, men, and families). 

Multiple years of experience in abstinence teaching and organizational leadership of abstinence programs for middle school, high school, college and unmarried adults.   Experienced in both secular (public schools) and faith based (churches, Christian schools) to students and parents.  Multiple years of experience in crisis pregnancy, sexual consequences and post abortive healing for males, females, and families. 

Biblical exegete (Koine Greek), hermeneutics and apologetic Hamartiology (sin) consultant.

Experienced in presenting sexual purity in joint parent/children formats, parent only formats, or student only formats as well as pastoral care, directives and organizational development. 

NOTE: Pre-marital sexual abstinence, Post-sexual restoration, and Abortion / Abortifacients are highly emotional and sensitive topics requiring presenter preapproval.  Presentations are available to solely secular public formats, faith based church formats and combination of secular and faith based formats.


Born Again, Denominationally Ordained, Sr. Pastoral Leadership


MBA, Alliant Univetisity

MA Biblical Theological Studies, Wheaton College Graduate School