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Rick Simi

Regional Director | University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

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Rick came to faith in Jesus Christ early in 1992. Since then, Rick has been a youth Pastor, ministered in the juvenile justice system in Massachusetts, and was an athletic director, teacher, and coach in a Christian school. In all his years as a believer he has worked with youth of all ages.


I was raised by a devoted Roman Catholic mother a non- practicing Lutheran father. Both of my parents only had a sixth grade education. Mom worked in the family store and dad worked on a farm from very young ages. Mom dragged us to church every week. I never saw my dad in a church. When I was thirteen my dad passed away. He and I had never spoken about God, heaven and hell or life after death. I remember at age seven rejecting the idea of God and particularly the resurrection. Dead people did not come back to life. I believe by that time the theory of evolution had influenced my disbelief.

After my father died, I became a very angry young man. No one was going to tell me what to do was my mantra. I began hanging out at the local bowling alley and pool hall. I made new friends different from my neighborhood friends that I had up to this point. We began to act out believing that we were being cool. One thing led to another and I began drinking and smoking pot on a regular basis. We became a gang, not in the modern sense of gangs, but we were a group of teens who were doing things that were not virtuous at all. We had and undeclared contest who could do the most outrageous things. We were always trying to outdo each other. Most of my friends did not graduate high school and it took me five years to graduate. I was arrested three times for assault in my seventeenth year. I was almost committed to youth services but a nice probation officer thought he saw something in me that needed another chance. He tried to help me and we became friends.

I met a girl in my sophomore math class who would later become my wife. In her senior year we began dating, went out for four years and married at the age of twenty one. During this time I pretty much kept myself out of trouble because of her. Shortly after we married she met a christian who led her to the Lord. She wanted to share Jesus with me but I wanted no part of it. I ended up divorcing her because she became a christian. I was still into partying and did not want to change.

Once again I became an angry person and I began to drink heavily. I began using and selling drugs and for the next eleven years I lived an unbelievable self-destructive life. I ended up getting arrested more. Once for DUI and then I got arrested for selling cocaine. I received a ten year suspended sentence and narrowly missed actually going to prison once again.

A couple years later after my probation I got radically saved. God had worked tremendously in my life and I do not have room here for all the details. All I can say is that it was miraculous. I became the first person in my family to graduate from college at the age of fifty two and went on to get three more master’s degrees. God has shown the unbelievable care of a father who loves me and for that I am eternally grateful. I am a life that has been changed.


2010 B.A. Religious Studies Southern Evangelical Bible College
2012 M.A.R. Religious Studies Southern Evangelical Seminary
2014 M.A. Apologetics Southern Evangelical Seminary
2015 M-Div Apologetics Southern Evangelical Seminary