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Rion Caughman

Assitant Director | University of North Carolina at Charlotte

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Rion is the Assistant Director at UNCC, and is currently studying at Southern Evangelical Seminary in order to obtain a Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies. He dominantly works with engaging UNCC students that aren’t a part of Ratio. His work also includes being trained and engaging in more apologetic studies in order to have a merging of theological knowledge and practical engagement as he teaches in the future. Rion was introduced to Ratio Christi in 2016, and has since felt a call to pursue apologetics as a ministerial role in order to further the kingdom and push others to strive to understand the knowledge that is presented to them in a Biblical fashion.


Rion was born and raised in a Christian home, and always had a concept of God’s existence and work in his life. At the beginning of his teenage years, he wasn’t sure if God existed, but he started to think critically at nature and the intricacy of the Earth and decided to pursue God more fully, since he knew a free gift was much better than any works other worldviews offered. Since 16 he has striven to read and apply the Bible on his own, with the assistance of many wise men and women. He felt the call to ministry about this time, and has found a direction of Christendom that fulfills his extremely extroverted nature: apologetics.