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Salvador Cordova

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Salvador Cordova

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Salvador Cordova has been featured on national TV, books, magazines, radio shows, newspapers, science journals for his work promoting intelligent design and creation science.  He has been an active witness on college campuses helping students struggling with their Christian faith for 12 years.  He is a former engineer and now a manager of a small privately held hedge fund and part-time bioinformatics and biophysics research assistant.

He went through a period of doubt and disbelief while struggling to cope with his father’s terminal illness as well as his concern for Christian missionaries risking their lives on the mission field.  Over many years he searched to find evidences for the reality of Jesus Christ and explanations for the problem of evil in the world.  By the grace of God, he was restored to faith in the process of his search.  He has been sharing what he has found through this journey with others ever since.

He holds a Master of Science degree in Applied Physics from Johns Hopkins University, a BS in Mathematics with a minor in Physics, a BS in Electrical Engineering with a minor in music, a BS in Computer Science.  He is a graduate of Dulles Aviation Flight school and holds a private pilot’s license.  In addition to managing a small hedge fund, he is also working part-time as a research assistant in the field of bioinformatics as well as preparing for PhD studies in molecular biophysics.   He is a member in good standing of the Presbyterian Church in America.


I was raised in a Roman Catholic home and believed in God most of my life.   While struggling to cope with my father's terminal illness and having concern for Christian missionaries I had such severe doubts I nearly left the Christian faith.  I was incredibly disappointed by the very shallow answers provided by many Christians to basic questions:  "How do we know there is a God?  How could a loving all wise God allow a world to be so full of evil?  Why is God so seemingly absent from everyday life?  How do we know the Bible is true?"  By God's grace I found answers to these questions through personal invesitgations and in the process was restored to faith.  I became convinced that it was my calling to share the answers  to these questions with others, especially students.


Johns Hopkins University, MS Applied Physics, 2012
George Mason University, BS Math minor Physics, 2001
George Mason University, BS Electrical Engineering minor Physics, 2000
George Mason University, BS Computer Science 1990