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Steven DiSebastian

Chapter Director, Regional Director | Rutgers University

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Steve is a pastor/elder at Point Community Church, a graduate of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary’s M.Div. program, and a former high school English teacher with 16 years of experience.

He has been writing his blog, God From the Machine, since 2013, and he has self-published two books: Who Jesus Ain’tand Searching the Bible for Mother God: Examining the Teachings of the World Mission Society Church of God.

Steve married his wife, Christine, in 2008, and they became parents through fostering and adoption in 2015.

When he can find the time, Steve trains in Brazilian Jiujitsu and mixed martial arts. He also likes to whittle.

Once an atheist, he became a Christian in 2005.

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As I celebrated my 30th birthday, following Jesus Christ as my Lord was as strange a concept to me as declaring Alexander the Great my personal accountant. I had grown up in a nominal Christian home. A skeptic since middle school, by the time I was in college I thought of myself as an atheist or, at least, a hard agnostic.

But at age 31, my wife abruptly ended our marriage. I was blindsided and devastated. Saying it would do me good to get away and do something positive, my older sister invited me to go with her church on a mission trip to build houses for poor families in Mexico. I declined the invitation, quite sure I didn’t want to spend a week around a bunch of Christians prying into my business.

A day or so later, I had a strange moment where I – thick in my misery – spoke to God in my head. It was not a purposeful prayer; I immediately thought, “That was strange. I haven’t talked to God since I was a kid.” With this, I felt a presence (which I now understand to be the Holy Spirit) and an overwhelming sense of peace. This comforting presence was so tangible that I told my sister that I would go with her on the mission trip.

In Mexico, for the first time, I saw Christians living out the sacrificial love of Christ. A friend I made there said to me, “Just because you have doubts doesn’t mean you can’t read the Bible, pray, or go to church.” I found myself unable to argue with this, so I started doing all these things.

Around this same time, I discovered the writings of some Christian apologists, who gave logical reasons for believing in Christ. This built my confidience considerably in following Christ.

Not long after, I prayed for God to forgive my wrongs and make me a new man.

I have been following Christ ever since those events in 2005.

(For a longer narrative of my testimony, click HERE.)


Southern Baptist Theological Seminary – M.Div, 2018

Rowan University – BA in English and Secondary Education, 1999

Camden Country Community College – Associates in Communications, 1997